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Multiple Tiered System of Supports

In our efforts to build future ready learners with the soft skills necessary for success, SAISD Counselors and staff use multiple systems of support. Our mission is to instill strong character traits such as respect, responsibility, citizenship, trustworthiness, caring, and fairness. SAISD Counselors strive to provide services to students who need support towards their educational, career, personal, and social development.

TIER 1 Whole Group Guidance:

Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Effectiveness

The purpose of guidance curriculum is to help students develop basic life skills to be successful in school and beyond.

Examples of Whole Group Guidance

Capturing Kids Hearts is a systematic approach to building social skills necessary to build positive relationships and hold each other accountable for inappropriate behaviors that can lead to conflict. SAISD staff model behaviors and help students feel safe in classroom environments to share personal needs.

Opportunities for Whole Group Guidance

Classroom Settings
Career Day/College Week
Educational/Career Awareness Activities
School Wide Recognition Programs

TIER 2 and 3 Individual and Small Group Guidance and Planning:

Goal Setting, Problem Solving, Self-Awareness and Evaluation

The purpose of individual and small group planning is to assist students for optimal academic and personal-social development. Parental involvement is essential to student success and counselors will work closely with students and parents to make decisions based on student benefit.

Examples of Individual Planning

Registration, orientation and placement of new and returning students
Development of positive self-image and responsible behaviors through individual counseling
Referral of appropriate educational and mental health services
Transitioning from one grade level to the next
College, career and life readiness activities

Opportunities for Individual and Small Group Guidance and Planning

Parent Conferences
Classroom Settings
ARD or 504 Meetings
Education and Career Awareness Activities
Small Group Assemblies
FAFSA/College Application Meetings

TIER 2 and 3 Responsive Services:

Intervening on Behalf of the Students

The purpose of responsive services is to assist students whose immediate personal concerns or problems put their personal-social, educational or career development at risk. Some services are preventive to help students who are on the brink of choosing an unhealthy or inappropriate solution to a problem. Other services are remedial such as educating students on making better choices and monitoring their progress. Counselors will refer students and parents to outside resources when necessary.

Examples of Responsive Services


Peer Relationships
Family Issues
Grief or Trauma
Child Abuse and Neglect
Self-Harming Behaviors


Academic Success Based on Student Need and Benefit
Perception of School
Transitioning to a New School
Study Skills / Organizational Skills
Development of Academic Potential

Opportunities and Personnel to Provide Responsive Services

Individual and Group Sessions
Classroom Settings
Crisis Response Team
Staff/Parent Consultation
Community Agencies
ARD or 504 Meetings