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The purpose of this handbook is to provide information that will help with questions and pave the way for a successful year. This handbook does not replace nor serve as a substitute for the school district’s board-adopted policy manual, which contains all official policies that govern the operation of the district and employment in the district. Not all district policies and procedures are included in this handbook. Those that are have been summarized. Policies and procedures can change at any time. When the district provides updated policy information, the employee is responsible for reading and abiding by the changes.

This handbook is not a contract, nor is it intended to alter the at-will status of noncontract employees in any way; rather, it is a guide to and a brief explanation of district policies and procedures related to employment. Nothing in this handbook supersedes or contradicts any district policy or changes any aspect of the employment relationship between the employee and the district or any terms and conditions of that relationship. All district employees serve on an at-will basis unless they have received and electronically signed a written contract authorized by the board of trustees or a written employment agreement authorized by the board of trustees or the superintendent.

For more information, employees may refer to the policy codes that are associated with handbook topics, confer with their supervisor, or call the appropriate district office. The Appendix of this handbook includes a list of employment policies that are recommended for employees’ review. Paper copies of employment policies and this handbook are located at each school office and administrative department, and are available for review. Employees may also access the policies online. Suggestions for additions and improvements to this handbook are welcome and may be sent to the Human Resources Department.

NOTE: All employees are required to read the Employee Handbook and electronically sign the Employee Handbook Receipt located on the Employee Access Center and reprinted in this document on page 7.

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2023-2024 Notice of Policies and Laws

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