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Grievance Procedures

Typically, student or parent complaints or concerns can be addressed by a phone call or a conference with the teacher, counselor, or other staff member. If a conference is preferred, the parent should make an appointment with the appropriate teacher or other campus staff member to discuss the concern. Although in most cases, parent and student concerns are resolved at the campus level, after a discussion with the principal. However, the District has adopted a standard policy [FNG (LOCAL)] that outlines the steps to be taken if the situation remains unresolved at the campus level.  

Steps to resolving complaints and concerns

Step 1 – Communicate with Appropriate Staff

  • Conference directly with the individual involved with the concern (teacher, coach, etc…)
  • Conversations between parties involved resolve the concern the majority of times.

Step 2 – Communication with Campus Administrator

  • Campus administrators are responsible for all of the school's processes and procedures.
  • Campus administration can offer clarification of school policies and procedures.
  • When necessary, conferences with involved parties can be arranged to work toward a solution.

Step 3 – Communicate with Campus Supervisor

  • If Step 1 and Step 2 have not resolved your concern, the campus supervisor should be contacted at the District Administration office (325-947-3838).
  • A meeting involving the campus supervisor can be arranged in an effort to reach a resolution.

Step 4 – Formal Complaint Process

  • At this step, the Formal Complaint Process may be filed, if necessary.
  • This process will be conducted in accordance with board policy FNG(Local). 

SAISD has grievance policies in place for employees, students, parents, and the public. It is recommended that the grievance be resolved at the lowest possible administrative level. Please refer to the policies below for specific information.

DGBA (Local)—employee policy
FNG (Local)—student and parent policy
GF—public complaints

Grievance forms are available in the Human Resources Department located on the second floor of the Administration Building, 1621 University Ave. or can be downloaded below:

Level 1 Employee Grievance Form
Formulario de Quejas de los Empleados - Nivel Uno

Level 1 Parent-Student Complaint Form
Formulario de Queja de Padres y Estudiantes - Nivel Uno

Level 1 Public Complaint Form
Formulario de Queja Pública - Nivel Uno

For more information, please call the Human Resources Department at 947-3838 x173.