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The Maintenance Department is a division of the Business Support Services group, led by the Assistant Superintendent of Business. The Maintenance Department is comprised of the Custodial, Grounds and Forward Maintenance Teams. In addition we have an administrative team that is normally the first recipients of contact from our customers. As a department we care for 2.2 million square feet of facilities located on 624.71 square acres of property, encompassed within 201 square miles.


The mission of the maintenance department is to provide the students, teachers, administration, and staff with a comfortable, clean, well maintained learning and working environment.


Maintain the operational, functional and viable aspects of all district owned facilities.

Maintenance Team

The goal of the Maintenance Team is to be prompt, responsive and provide a level of professionalism that our community stakeholders have come to appreciate. We are to maintain our facilities through preventative programs and responsive service that will sustain the learning environment best suited for optimal achievement. Our department provides a level of service that can only be delivered by professional craftsmen. Our team consists of skilled Carpenters, Electricians, Heating & Air Conditioning Techs, Painters, Plumbers, Upholsterers and Welders. While not only talented in their specific fields, this team goes above and beyond to guarantee satisfaction.

Custodial Team

The goal of the Custodial Department is to provide clean and healthy facilities which ultimately result in more positive learning environments for students and staff. The Custodial Team does not stop with completing expected duties and assignments, they go above and beyond by assisting campus staff and administration with unexpected needs and requests that happen daily at each campus. Because of their direct and personal association at each site, our Custodians are our first line of notification to respond to maintenance related issues.

Grounds Team

The goal of the Grounds Department is to provide maintenance to all exterior locations owned by the school district including playgrounds, parking lots, and playing fields. Some of the services provide by the Grounds Team are mowing, edging, tree trimming, landscape and garden maintenance, playground surface maintenance, herbicide and pesticide applications and small engine repair. This department oversees the scheduling for all irrigation systems throughout the district, automatic and manual. Our Grounds Team also assists other departments with their large events by providing personnel to assist beyond scheduled hours.

Forward Maintenance Crew

The Forward Maintenance Crew is comprised of employees from each of the following crafts; Electrical, Carpentry, Painting and Plumbing. This particular crew focuses on preventative maintenance, so we schedule and go to each site once a year and spend extended periods of time going through and looking at areas that need annual attention, as well as responding to requests from staff that are identified throughout the year. At different times through the year the crew will return to their respective crafts and assist them with projects that cannot be accomplished while students and staff are there. The Forward Maintenance Crew is an integral part of the Maintenance Department, and will follow all general rules and guidelines which relate to them.

Contact Information

100 Paint Rock Road
Off (325) 659-3621, or 3622
Fax (325) 658-3007

Director of Facilities & Maintenance

Maintenance Supervisor
(325) 659-3626

Custodial Supervisor
(325) 659-3625

Grounds Supervisor

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