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SAISD A+ Wellness


SAISD strives to promote a culture that provides employees opportunities to enhance their personal well-being through increased awareness of the impact of lifestyle choices. SAISD will foster wellness through intelligent use of health care options, role modeling a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and stress management.

SAISD partners with Shannon Health to provide services and resources for the A+ Wellness program. For more information, visit

Contact Information

Kathy Jordan
Coordinator of Financial Services
(325)947-3838 x789

Spring 2024 Wellness Campaign - "Pura - Clean, Simple Eating Habits"

During this campaign, you will be challenged to live the pura vida lifestyle with clean, simple eating habits in your daily pursuit of health. Strip away all the rules, all the measuring and counting, and focus on eating simple, natural foods for the next 5 weeks.

The challenge starts March 18, 2024. Please register by March 17th. Register online here

Tools for the Challenge

Tracking Sheet
Week 1 - Pura Vida: Pure Life
Week 2 - Veggies: The Cornerstone of Every Meal
Week 3 - Whole Grains: High Fiber
Week 4 - Protein: Animal & Plant-Based
Week 5 - Flavor With Herbs & Spices: Skip Sugar, Sodium, & Saturated Fats


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