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Sole Source Purchases

Sole source purchases allow the district to purchase items that are available from only one source.

The criteria for “sole source” purchases include:

  • The existence of a patent, copyright, secret process, or monopoly;
  • A film, manuscript, or book;
  • A utility service (electricity, gas, or water); or
  • A replacement part or component for equipment that is specific to a particular piece of equipment and not available from more than one vendor.
  • Sole source does not apply to mainframe data-processing equipment and peripheral attachments with a single item purchase price in excess of $15,000.

List of Sole Source Vendors

Sole Source Affidavit

The district is responsible for obtaining and retaining documentation from the vendor that clearly states the reasons the purchase must be made on a sole source basis. The district will require a sole source affidavit and a vendor information form from the vendor. These forms must be sent to any vendor qualifying as a sole source provider. These documents must be complete and on hand in the purchasing department before a purchase will be made.

Download Sole Source Affidavit Form

Download Sole Source Vendor Information Form