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E-Rate - Funding Year 2007-2008 Request for Quotes

Note: Due to the icy conditions and bad weather in parts of the nation that have affected FedEx, UPS and other carrier’s deliveries, we are extending the due date to NOON on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 17 (Central Standard Time) for all vendors for the delivery of the quotes for the e-rate grant application. Even though the date has been extended by one day, it must still be delivered in accordance with the guidelines outlined on the RFQ.

Please see the formal bid postings located on SAISD’s bid webpage for the bid requirements and forms.

All vendors submitting quotes must be in compliance with the E-Rate program rules. For details, please see the SLD website at:


The following is supporting documentation to the E-Rate application posted on the SLD webpage. Please access the Form 470 information for San Angelo ISD at

Vendor: If you are considering submitting quotes for our E-Rate application, please email your contact information to and so that we can add you to our contact list. If a vendor submits a question or clarification request, then we want to send that information out to all interested vendors. Thank You!

San Angelo ISD Form 470 Application # is 120630000594489
Quotes are due by January 16, 2007 - 12:00 PM(Central Standard Time)

Supporting Documentation
Telecommunications & Internet Access
Internal Connections & Basic Maintenance
District Network Wiring Specifications Guide
Felony Conviction Notice Document
Additional Requirements and Information for Walk-Through Erate 10

An on-site walk-through will be held January 4 and 5, 2007. (Due to the size of our district, we feel that this will take 2 days.) Please meet at the San Angelo ISD Technology Center at 518 Guadalupe Street at 9:00 AM.

Note: All equipment submitted by the vendor must be equal to or better than specifications supplied in the following the spreadsheets. Equipment specifications must be supplied by the vendor to substantiate that their equipment is equal or better.

Internal Connections & Basic Maintenance Information (multiple tabs in each spreadsheet)
Note: One tab is for Basic Maintenance in the event that a campus is funded and implemented during the 05-06 or 06-07 E-Rate funding year.
Technology Center
Central High School
Lake View High School
Central Freshman Campus
Glenn Middle School
Lee Middle School
Lincoln Middle School
Austin Elementary
Belaire Elementary
Bonham Elementary
Bowie Elementary
Crockett Elementary
Fort Concho Elementary
Glenmore Elementary
Goliad Elementary
Holiman Elementary
Lamar Elementary
McGill Elementary
Santa Rita Elementary

Basic Maintenance Only(These 6 campuses are funded for internal connections in the 05-06 year)
Alta Loma Elementary
Bradford Elementary
Carver DAEP & SAC
Fannin Elementary
Reagan Elementary
San Jacinto Elementary

Signing of contracts with vendor is non-binding until determination of award from the SLD and SAISD budget availability and approval by the SAISD Board of Trustees. Scope may change depending upon the amount of money granted by the SLD. SAISD has the right to downsize any or all projects.