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Technology Staff 2021

The Technology department provides technical support and technology resources to the school district under the supervision of the Director of Technology.  The following is an overview of the technology department teams:


This team consists of the technology director, technology director’s secretary and technology department’s secretary.  The team works to ensure the smooth day-to-day operation of the technology department and accessibility of resources to district users.   They assist campuses and departments with technology purchases, including working with vendors on quotes and deliveries.  The team members manage and do the paperwork related to the technology budget, special technology funds, technology related grants (ex: Title II Part D, E-Rate, etc.) as well as long-range technology planning for the district.  The team works with other departments and programs to meet state and federal mandates as well as on providing technology resources for curriculum and business services.

Computer Technical Support Services (CTSS)

The CTSS team includes a help desk that is staffed each school day (usually from 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM).  CTSS team members perform an assortment of jobs, including troubleshooting problems that end users encounter, installing software, troubleshooting and installing auxiliary equipment (printers, electronic whiteboards, etc.), upgrading computers, reporting and installing warranty parts, install and setup of new equipment, etc. 

Network & Telecommunications

The networking team is responsible for the "behind the scenes" aspects of technology within SAISD.  They are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and trouble-shooting of the network infrastructure, equipment, servers and telephone systems positioned throughout the district.  In addition, they are responsible for the connectivity between the campuses to create the district Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) as well as working with vendors to supply the internet access and telecommunication services for the district

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