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Technology Discount Program - Submit a Discount

Thank you for desiring to participate in the SAISD Technology Discount program. Joining our program is easy. Simply complete the form below and click on the “Join Now” button. Once your offer is submitted, it goes through an approval process prior to being added to the list of current offers. Please be sure to fill out all necessary fields on the form.

Please note:

All offers are open-ended and will not have an expiration date. It is the responsibility of the business/vendor to contact SAISD to withdraw the offer or to make changes to the offer. Please note: San Angelo ISD reserves the right to cancel or deny participation in the Technology Discount Program if 1) a company does not provide a family-oriented service/product or 2) the company does not honor their proposed discount.


Information about the discount

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Please note: This contact information will be made available publicly on our website.

Contact Information

Who can we contact if we have questions regarding the discount being submitted? The following information is for our internal records and will not be made publicly available.