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What do we mean when we say, “Our people make the difference?”

Research shows us that the greatest impact on student learning is the relationship between a student and an educator. It’s not something you can force from the top down. It’s not something you can measure with a test. As a district, we focus on recruiting and hiring people who are passionate and dedicated, people whose greatest joy is seeing your children succeed. Just as we do with our students, we give our educators the resources and tools they need to succeed, then we step back and watch them soar.

At San Angelo, we are proud to say that all 2000 of our educators and staff members are making the difference.

Carl Dethloff, Superintendent, San Angelo ISD

Video Gallery

Our People - Macy Smithson
Our People - Julie Schniers
Our People - Brandon Ligon
Our People - Ben Lyons
Our People - Rosendo Ramos

People Who Make the Difference

Meet Julie Schniers

Speech and debate coach at Central High School

What do you want your legend to be? I ask my students this question every year. I want to be remembered as someone who made a difference in students’ lives."

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Meet Ben Lyons

Math teacher and powerlifting and football coach at Lake View High School

“For me, coach is the greatest term of endearment I could bestow on someone.”

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Meet Macy Smithson

Fifth grade science teacher at Fort Concho Elementary

“I love science. When I’m excited, they’re excited. I don’t really lecture, it’s all about hands-on learning.”

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Meet Rosendo Ramos

Mariachi director at Lincoln Middle School

“Mariachi is for everybody. Music is universal, there are no boundaries. It’s all about how you feel it.”

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Meet Brandon Ligon

Assistant principal at Fort Concho and Glenmore Elementary Schools

“You have to capture their hearts before you capture their brains.”

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