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Learner Profile

Through collaborative processes involving the district Advisory Council, Teaching and Learning teacher and administrative teams, and the SAISD Board of Trustees, the district developed a Future-Ready Learner Profile that represents the goals we have for all students. These attributes encompass the qualities and characteristics we believe are important for our students to attain in order to be highly-capable and successful throughout their future endeavors. Facilitating and guiding the development of these prioritized skills will be the focus of all educators and support roles in the district.


  • Builds positive and productive relationships
  • Offers and accepts feedback to grow self and others
  • Expresses ideas confidently and creatively in a variety of modes
  • Connects globally
  • Communicates ideas respectfully and honors the contributions of others


  • Shares responsibility for collaborative work
  • Seeks and evaluates a range of points of view
  • Applies learning to transform the world
  • Views problems globally
  • Invests in continuous community improvement
  • Leaves a legacy
  • Influences others for positive outcomes

Critical Thinker

  • Views problems with a global perspective
  • Takes initiative
  • Exhibits perseverance and resilience in challenges
  • Explores answers beyond the literal
  • Applies reflection in self-assessment
  • Seeks opportunities to solve problems


  • Asks deep and thoughtful questions
  • Challenges existing ways of thinking
  • Explores through curiosity and innovation
  • Learns from experiences
  • Exhibits flexibility and adaptability
Learner Profile