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CHS JROTC Cadet Earns Gold Valor Award

Isabella Febres Gold Valor Award

San Angelo ISD is proud to announce Central High School senior student and 4th-year JROTC cadet Isabella Febres was awarded on November 3, 2020 the highest honor in Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp (JROTC) - the Gold Valor Award. The Gold Valor Award recognizes the most outstanding voluntary acts of self-sacrifice and personal bravery by a cadet involving conspicuous risk of life above and beyond the call of duty.

Cadet Febres is recognized for her incredible acts rising to this elite level that occurred on September 28th, 2020 when she was awoken by her brother, Dominic, to the news that their home was on fire. Hand in hand, Cadet Febres and Dominic ran to their mother’s room before Cabet Febres went to wake up her other brother. As she was heading to her other brother’s room, she heard Dominic run down the hall toward the front door. As Dominic opened the front door, a cloud of smoke and flames came rushing through the door. Cadet Febres ran to Dominic and wrapped him into her body to protect him from the flames and kicked the door closed. She then sank to the floor to get underneath the smoke cloud and gave Dominic her sock to cover his mouth to protect from smoke inhalation. The entire Febres family made it safely outside of the house through breaking a bedroom window.

Cadet Febres was diagnosed with severe smoke inhalation, possible permanent damage to her lungs, and a first degree burn in the back of her throat. Her brave and astute actions to protect her brother, Dominic, allowed him to come out of the fire without injury.

Cadet Febres is a member of our Central High School JROTC program instructed by Major Christopher Carney, Chief Master Sergeant Kathleen Prince, and Master Sergeant George Marquez - all United States Airforce veterans. The main goal of JROTC is to build cadets into the best version of themselves and give them opportunities and experiences to flourish. 

San Angelo ISD, Central High School, and the CHS Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps TX-936 commend Cadet Febres for your heroic actions and a well-deserved award recognizing her excellence. Our people truly make the difference.