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COVID-19 Grading Protocol for Spring 2020

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic and based on Governor Abbott’s declaration that schools will remain closed for face-to-face instruction for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, adjustments will be made to our virtual learning platform in terms of grades.

The SAISD family, including our students, parents, teachers, and administrators, will prioritize empathy, kindness, trust, and grace as we finish this semester. We are going through an ever-changing, unknown landscape that affects each of us differently day after day. Our students simply cannot be expected to do their best work during this time while struggling with family turmoil, financial distress, isolation, and many other challenges.

Shifting our current grading practices and guidelines will require flexibility and a willingness to let go of grading standards we have tightly held to. We will emphasize student effort and growth. We will let empathy rise above traditional grading practices.

SAISD has taken all of these considerations into account to develop a grading protocol that is fair and equitable for all students, given the circumstances.

SAISD Grading Protocol

For the 4th 9 week grading period, either a CP (COVID-19 Pass) or a CF (COVID-19 Fail) will be assigned for all courses and content areas. For high school courses in which students earn credits, this CP or CF will be a contributing factor in awarding credit for the second semester in the 2019-2020 school year.

  • If a student had a passing grade for the 3rd 9 week grading period AND is participating in the educational opportunities provided by SAISD during the 4th 9 week grading period, the student will earn credit for the semester.
  • For all other situations, an administrative review for determination of grade and credit will be held as detailed in the table below.
3rd 9 Week Grading Period Virtual Learning Platform Presence 4th 9 Week Grading Period
Recorded Grade of 70 or Greater Participating COVID-19 Pass/Credit Awarded
Recorded Grade of 70 or Greater Not Participating Administrative Review
Recorded Grade of 69 or Lower Participating Administrative Review
Recorded Grade of 69 or Lower Not Participating Administrative Review

Grade Point Average (GPA) for the 2019-2020 school year will be calculated and finalized for all students enrolled in high school courses at the end of the 3rd 9 week grading period, March 6, 2020. Final exams will not be administered or weighed into the calculation of the 2nd semester average.