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Future Ready Friday Feature: Academy Night with Congressman Pfluger at Lake View High School

Future Ready Friday Feature: Academy Night with Congressman Pfluger at Lake View High School


At San Angelo ISD, we are committed to our mission of engaging all students in a relevant and inspiring education that produces future-ready graduates. We value the hopes and dreams of each child, and along their educational journey, provide students customizable options to prepare for their future. In celebration of this commitment in action, SAISD is launching our “Future Ready Fridays” today that will be shared on the third Friday of every month. Each Future Ready Friday we will feature different ways the District is supporting our students and helping them to be “future ready” whether that future is the military, workplace, further academic studies or other opportunities. 

For our first Future Ready Friday, today we highlight our recent San Angelo ISD Service Academy Night event held at Lake View High School in partnership with SAISD Central High School Class of 2000 Alumni, Congressman August Pfluger. The Service Academy Night was provided to give our students interested in serving our country and pursuing a college degree the opportunity to learn more about about attending one of our nation’s Service Academy Colleges: U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA), West Point (USMA), Annapolis (USNA), the Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA), and the Coast Guard Academy (USCGA). 

Our students had the unique opportunity to not only hear from a distinguished congressman at Lake View High School, but also to have that message come from one of our own, homegrown former students who could provide a personalized, relatable West Texas perspective. 

“Going to a Service Academy is probably the greatest privilege anybody can ever have...This is a scholarship to go to one of the finest educational institutions in the country… To get some of the absolute finest instruction... It is an incredible opportunity; Whether you want to be a submarine officer, an infantry officer, a pilot, a guardian in the Space Force, which is brand new. You can do all of that,” Congressman Pfluger said as he addressed the students at Academy Night. “You’re going to make some of your best friends during that four-year time. It is hard, but it is worth it. It is absolutely worth it.”

Students learned about benefits like the ‘scholarship’ opportunities for tuition-free, four-year degree programs at the Service Academies, what a ‘day in the life’ of a cadet is like, as well as insights like how to approach the extensive application process, availability of weeklong summer programs to get a taste of the Service Academy life or to find which one is a good fit, and alternative options like preparatory school programs. Student attendees were also able to visit with Academy representatives from each of the Service Academies and to ask questions to a panel at the conclusion of the event. SAISD Central High School Athletic Trainer Jenny Corbett, who took part in the panel on behalf of the Coast Guard, is a parent to San Angelo’s first native San Angelo Coast Guard Academy graduate, Central High School Class of 2017 graduate D.J. Corbett.

“Academy Nights are an amazing opportunity for our students to be able to come to one location to learn more about all five of our Service Academies. With our West Texas location, we are not located near any of the Service Academies so this provides an opportunity for exposure and education to our students. The opportunity to learn more details about all of the U.S Service Academies and to talk to Academy representatives offers a personalized, in depth and exciting experience for the students,” said Ms. Corbett. “There are limitless benefits of our child going to a U.S. Service Academy. First and foremost she is proud to serve our country and to protect her country, family, friends and citizens of the United States. The Service Academies provide a very unique educational experience that challenges you to grow as a young adult, to reach high level academic performance and teaches you how to become a leader among leaders. Central High School was a home away from home and provided an extended family to support her as she worked hard to reach her dreams. The Central High School family continued to support her through her four-year, 200-week journey at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and she drew strength to persevere and conquer from their continued support.”

In addition to the Academy Night event, SAISD also provides our students interested in pursuing a future of service to the nation with a number of opportunities to prepare including participation in the outstanding Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) programs at Central High School and Lake View High School. 

Both Central High School JROTC and Lake View High School JROTC have established a legacy of excellence earning the U.S. Department of the Air Force Distinguished Unit with Merit Award and the Distinguished Unit Award a multitude of times at each campus. Highlights for Central JROTC include a commitment to community service with nearly 2500 hours last school year, regular competition in drill meets, an excellent Color Guard group that presents at many events including three times for a prestigious Medal of Honor event at Ft. Chadbourne, and a 2020 Gold Valor Award-winning cadet, the highest honor awarded in JROTC. Highlights for Lake View JROTC include a Cyberpatriot Team that regularly competes in the Air Force Association’s Youth Cyber Defense Competition, most recently earning a Gold Category Award, a Stellar Explorers Team that competes in a challenging, space system design competition, a Physical Fitness Team that placed in the Angelo State Warrior Competition, as well as three cadets who recently earned scholarships. 

To apply for one of the Service Academies of the United States or learn more, interested SAISD students can click here or watch the full video from the SAISD Academy Night including the panel with Academy representatives below.

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