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San Angelo ISD Board of Trustees Votes to Rename Lee Middle School to Lone Star Middle School

On Monday, December 14, 2020, the San Angelo ISD Board of Trustees voted 5 to 2 in favor of changing the name of Lee Middle School to Lone Star Middle School. This followed an extensive five-month collaborative process initiated by San Angelo ISD called Engaging Equity to consider the retention or renaming of Lee Middle School, and the 6 to 1 vote to retire the name of Lee Middle School by the Board on October 19, 2020. The Board considered over 120 potential names submitted by the public which included geographical locations, regional flora and fauna, historical sites, local heroes, community leaders, elected officials and individuals who helped shape San Angelo.  The students and staff of Lee Middle School will collaboratively select a new mascot through a process which will happen on the campus. Lee Middle School will formally become Lone Star Middle School in July of 2021. 

In approving the new name, Board members expressed gratitude to the community for participating in the Engaging Equity process, and noted their individual considerations in voting in favor of Lone Star. Considerations included potentially maintaining the current block "L" logo and that students could take pride in the great State of Texas. The Board first considered a motion for the name “San Angelo Middle School” which was not passed. 

The Engaging Equity process was created by San Angelo ISD to thoughtfully consider the retention of the existing name or renaming of Lee Middle School and to provide an intentional, thorough process to hear from the varied perspectives and unique voices of our community. The formal process began in early August with community summits open to the public as well as focus groups including our students, past student body presidents spanning from the 1960s to the 2000s, faculty and staff, and local ministers. During the process, the district also released an online survey to the public for community input from August 26 to September 14. After all community input gathered from the focus groups, public summits, online survey and community submissions was collected, San Angelo ISD’s Community-based Advisory Council met to determine trends within the data to assist the Board in making an informed decision whether to retain or rename the school.

As part of the renaming process, San Angelo ISD is partnering with the Director of the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts to create a space in the school’s library to chronicle the school history including the Robert E. Lee Middle School name and the Engaging Equity renaming process. Historic items including a Lee Middle School mosaic, former yearbooks, athletics jerseys and biographical information on persons suggested as potential names are anticipated to be included.

San Angelo ISD appreciates the feedback and participation from our community in this process and the Board’s commitment to our students and community in reaching their decision and selecting a new name. At the heart of the matter, we are focused on respecting community ideals while embracing inclusivity and equity for our students. For more information on our Engaging Equity process and updates, please visit