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Texas Education Agency Delays Release of A-F Accountability Ratings

Texas Education Agency Delays Release of A-F Accountability Ratings

On September 12, 2023, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) announced a delay in the release of the 2023 A-F accountability rating for districts and campuses. The original release date was scheduled for September 28th, already a delay of the typical expected release date from previous school years. TEA’s A-F accountability system is a statewide rating system used to evaluate the academic performance of Texas public schools and assigns a letter grade to districts and campuses. The ratings examine student achievement, school progress, and whether districts and campuses are closing achievement gaps among various student groups.

San Angelo ISD recognizes that student success and capabilities cannot be measured solely by a test score, which is why we developed the Future-Ready Learner Profile that represents the goals we have for all students and attributes we believe are important for our students to attain for their future. The STAAR test is one of several factors that helps the State, our District and educators identify both student needs and areas of opportunity for the District. 

At San Angelo ISD, we look at several factors outside of STAAR and accountability ratings to determine the academic needs of our students. Those factors include additional testing such as Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) which measures student knowledge in reading, language arts, and math over the course of the year, and tells teachers and administrators what skills students know, are ready to master, or are still learning. 

Through the purpose-driven work of our collaborative Community-Based Accountability System (CBAS), San Angelo ISD takes into account the many factors which enrich a students whole educational experience, and uses these factors to identify and measure our accountability to our stakeholders, outside of traditional accountability ratings given by the state. The factors, called the 7 pillars of accountability, include student learning, student readiness, engaged, well-rounded students, community engagement and partnerships, professional learning/high quality staff, systems and operations, and safety and well-being. 

San Angelo ISD has a CBAS Annual Report which details the items deemed most critical to share with our community, as defined by our local stakeholders on our CBAS committee. It is intended to showcase how San Angelo ISD celebrates all the ways students are smart, beyond what is reported in the state accountability system. You can view those reports, available for the district and each individual campus, on our website here

We will continue to focus on providing students and teachers with the support they need to achieve student growth and academic success. 

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