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The Importance of Reading

We are so excited to launch our community-wide literacy initiative, San Angelo READS!  This initiative will provide us with the opportunity to encourage, promote, and model the importance of reading for the children of San Angelo. We know that research tells us that reading aloud to children is the single most important activity to help build future reading success. Reading with and to children leads to significant vocabulary development and comprehension skills. As we help children develop reading skills, we are helping them grow in inferential thinking and connection to characters.  

Modeling reading and enjoying books with children fosters a sense of purpose for reading and encourages young readers to understand the importance of strong literacy skills. It is powerful when developing readers see and hear adult readers share a love for reading and how reading connects to successful traits for future-ready skills. Cultivating a strong culture of reading across our community will result in more confident, empowered, and accomplished readers across all age groups. We look forward to launching a strong literacy initiative and coming together as a community to grow readers through San Angelo READS!  


Jana Rueter Signature

Dr. Jana Rueter
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction