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PAYS is an academic alternative school for students currently enrolled in San Angelo Independent School District. PAYS is a self-paced, web-based program providing students the opportunity to accrue credits to progress to graduation. PAYS students are non-traditional students motivated to complete their high school diploma but are enduring extenuating circumstances that pose as obstacles to their academic success.

Students who are interested in admission to PAYS should speak to the their home campus At-Risk Coordinator.


PAYS operates two session each day and are subject to availability.
PAYS students must attend 20 hours per week (4 hours daily).

AM Session-8:00-12:00
PM Session-12:00-4:00

Procedures for Admission

  1. Recommendation of home campus
  2. Student and Parent fill out application
  3. Campus official(s) most familiar with student completes the school portion of the application. (At Risk Coordinator and/or Counselor and/or Campus Principal)
  4. Current Transcript and STAAR Scores attached to application
  5. All above information sent to PAYS Coordinator by home campus personnel
  6. Review of application by PAYS Coordinator
  7. Notification of student if accepted