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Safety Updates

During active safety events, SAISD works with local law enforcement and other agencies to put out the most accurate information as quickly as possible without compromising the safety of those directly involved. This page is updated with short, factual statements while an event is in progress

Active Events

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Safety Resources

StayAlert School Safety Program

The StayALERT School Safety Program is a 24/7 bilingual reporting program designed to help provide a safer school environment. Report bullying, vandalism, drugs and alcohol, unsafe or violent behavior, harassment, weapons, teacher/student conflict, or other safety concerns. Text or call 206.406.6485 or email . You can also make reports online.

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Care Solace is an organization determined to calm the chaos of mental health care coordination, and will help our students, staff and families to quickly and confidentially connect with providers in the community 24/7/365

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Safe Gun Storage

Safely storing firearms is the duty of every gun owner. Gun safety isn’t just knowing how to handle a gun properly—it’s also about keeping it from getting into the wrong hands. Whether you keep a gun in your car, home or somewhere else, safely storing it 24/7 is a must in order to protect our children, prevent avoidable injury, and keep our weapons out of the hands of criminals. Together, we can keep our fellow Texans safe!

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