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Attendance and Student Success

At San Angelo ISD, your student’s education is important, and attending school is key to their success. Our goal is to make sure that your student has the best opportunity to learn every day, so we can help them be future-ready learners and achieve their individual hopes and dreams. For more information on attendance policies, you can review our Student Handbooks here.


We provide communications about attendance with the goal of making it easier for your child to be present each day. Throughout the school year, you may receive both text and mail notifications to help keep your student’s attendance on track and get help if something is making it hard for your student to come to school. 

Text Notifications

Text Message
  • Personalized text messages help you keep track of total days missed
  • Reply to a text message and connect with our Family Support Bot, who can direct you to key school and community resources like meal distributions, technology support and more
  • If you need more help, the Bot will put you in contact with a member of our Family Support Team

Mail Notifications

  • These are not truancy letters. They are personalized letters to help you keep track of and support your student’s attendance. 
  • They also include tips and resources to help with your student’s overall education.

Family Support Team

  • This multilingual team can support you with both common and more complex factors that affect student attendance. 
  • We connect you to helpful resources for your student’s success on topics including mental health, medical-related absences, technology issues, and special needs services. 
  • Call 325-221-4044 for help! We take calls around the clock, 24 hours a day.

Truancy Notifications

  • If your student has unexcused absences, you may receive a mailed truancy notification, clearly stating at the top of the letter that it is a truancy notification. 
  • You will get a text notification shortly after receiving this letter. 
  • We can help if you are having trouble making sure that your student is in school - please call the number printed in the letter to schedule an attendance meeting with your student’s school. If you have additional questions, please call your school directly. 

We are excited to work together to help keep students in class and supported with the resources they need to succeed. SAISD appreciates our families and students working with us to provide successful educational experiences to inspire and empower every student.