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Educational Planning Guide and Course Catalog

The high school and middle school course catalogs and educational planning guides are intended to assist students as they make important decisions in planning their high school graduation plan, as well as post graduation careers. These guides can link the selection of courses with possible career paths that students may pursue following graduation.

These documents can be used in assisting students in developing graduation plans that meet their interests and personal educational goals. Courses need to be selected wisely; therefore consultation with counselors about course selection is important. The decisions the students make now will impact them for years to come.

Students are challenged to pursue courses that are stimulating and inspire greater academic achievement and we encourage parents and others who accept the responsibility for guiding these students to use this document to encourage and assist them in selecting courses that are rigorous and relevant to their future.

Middle School

2020-2021 Middle School Course Guide

High School

2020-2021 High School Educational Planning Guide and Course Catalog

Note to students and parents

The information presented in these booklets can be extremely valuable to students and parents. Charting a course through school and beyond is of critical importance to the individual and should be attended to with utmost care. Thus, it is important to keep this material for future reference. Be aware that, because this material is published early in the preceding school year, some changes in procedure, policy, or course offerings may be required. Updates will be reflected in the course catalogs posted on this page.