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Educational Planning and Course Guides

The following guides are intended to assist students as they make important decisions in planning their high school graduation plan, as well as post graduation careers. These guides can link the selection of courses with possible career paths that students may pursue following graduation.

High School Educational Planning Guide

The Educational Planning Guide has all of the information that our parents and students will need to help them prepare for high school.  Graduation plans and requirements are explained in detail so that families have a good idea of what will be expected of students as they move through high school. Each grade (9-12) is explained in detail with the available courses for students as well as important steps that students should take for their future planning during each grade.  Descriptions of all courses available for high school students are also included in this planning guide. 

2021-2022 High School Educational Planning Guide

2022-2023 High School Educational Planning Guide

San Angelo ISD Opportunity Guide

This guide explains the options high school students have for programs of study in SAISD.  These programs of study are career-focused pathways that will allow students to explore their interests and help them better prepare for their career interests while in high school. These are not only vocational programs, but can help our students prepare for careers that may require college degrees also, such as careers in healthcare, counseling, and education. There are many more opportunities in this guide for our students to explore and take advantage of as they prepare for high school. 

2021-2022 San Angelo ISD Opportunity Guide

2022-2023 San Angelo ISD Opportunity Guide

Middle School Course Guide

Our middle school course guide gives parents and students an overview of all the available courses that students can take in middle school. This course guide will help parents and students make choices about courses they may choose in middle school.  6th grade students will select 2 elective courses. 

2021-2022 Middle School Course Guide

2022-2023 Middle School Course Guide

Note to students and parents

The information presented in these booklets can be extremely valuable to students and parents. Charting a course through school and beyond is of critical importance to the individual and should be attended to with utmost care. Thus, it is important to keep this material for future reference. Be aware that, because this material is published early in the preceding school year, some changes in procedure, policy, or course offerings may be required. Updates will be reflected in the course catalogs posted on this page.