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Digital Citizenship: Developing Responsible Online Leaders & Citizens

Digital Citizenship is a user’s appropriate behavior with regard to technology use. Think of it as your online conduct in keeping yourself and other safe by being appropriate and responsible and following online rules and etiquette. From the moment a student is handed a device, he or she should apply their “digital” citizenship skills. Growing up as Digital Natives in a mobile and global learning environment, it is imperative that ALL students, K-12, be taught how to work respectfully with others online, be safe, solve problems, communicate clearly and appropriately, and evaluate online content and resources.

9 Elements of Digital Citizenship - A wonderful website that helps you safely navigate the ups and downs of being part of on online world.

Common Sense Media Resources for Parents

For Your Family - Personalize your experience with commonsense. This service helps families search and find age and topic appropriate books, TV shows, movies, games, and so much more.
Family Engagement Resources - Each topic below include hints and tips, videos, and other resources for K-2, 3rd-5th, Middle School, and High School.

Common Sense Media Blog: Parenting, Media, and Everything in Between
13 Online Challenges Your Kid Already Knows About - 2/27/2019
Parents’ Ultimate Guide to Parental Controls - 2/27/2019
17 Apps and Websites Kids are Heading to After Facebook - 7/17/2018

Other Resources:

Be Internet Legends - This is Google’s Digital Citizenship curriculum and interactive game.
Family Tips from Google Safety Center
NetSmartz - An interactive and educational program from NCMEC