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Does Your Child Need Extra Help to Thrive in School?

If your child struggles in school: 

  • Talk to your child.
  • Talk to their teacher.
  • Collaborate with the school on a plan.
  • Check their progress.
  • Help them at home.
  • Encourage a positive attitude towards learning and growth.

The school will: 

  • Conduct screeners and observations  to determine needs.
  • Discuss skills that need to be developed.
  • Set interventions.
  • Notify guardian of any additional support that is put in place.

What type of support system does SAISD use to help students?

San Angelo ISD uses the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) model, a structured plan that concentrates on the best ways to help students in different areas: academics, behavior, and their emotions. It's all about supporting the entire student, not just one part of them. The plan has different levels, called "tiers," based on what each student requires. As a student needs more help, they receive more support.

How does MTSS help students?

The goal of MTSS is to find struggling students early and quickly provide intervention. The system uses research based interventions to meet a student’s needs. Progress monitoring data is used to make decisions about movement between the tiers. 

What levels of support are available?

There are three tiers of support in an MTSS model. 

Tier 1 includes high quality classroom-wide instruction and support for all students. 
Tier 2 provides targeted support to address a student’s gaps in skills. 
Tier 3 involves intensive support usually provided more often and in smaller groups.