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SAISD believes that Texas school libraries are essential interactive collaborative learning centers, providing equitable physical and virtual access to ideas, information, and learning tools for the entire school community. 


In SAISD, certified librarians and trained staff nurture a culture of literacy and inquiry throughout the school community.  An integral part of instructional teams, librarians collaborate with teachers on curriculum design and delivery.  They maintain a professionally curated collection of print and digital materials and assist learners in locating resources that match their academic and personal interests. Librarians model and teach information literacy and digital citizenship, empowering learners to make ethical, informed choices in an increasingly complex and evolving global environment. 


  • SAISD provides intellectual access to information through learning activities that are integrated into the curriculum and that help all students achieve information literacy by developing effective cognitive strategies for selecting, retrieving, analyzing, evaluating, synthesizing, creating, and communicating.
  • SAISD provides physical access to information through a carefully selected local collection of diverse learning resources and other sources through interlibrary loan and electronic networks.
  • SAISD provides learning experiences that encourage students to become discriminating consumers and skilled creators of information through comprehensive instruction related to the full range of communications media and technology.
  • SAISD provides resources and activities that contribute to lifelong learning, while accommodating a wide range of differences in learning styles.